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Tomora Nelson - Director of Code Enforcement

Official Code Enforcement Department

Address: 295 N Harrison Ave. Kankakee, IL 60901

Phone: 815-936-7390

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Closed Saturday & Sunday

For Building & Code Enforcement, Building Codes and Permit questions and information, Call 815-936-7390.

Building Secretary 
Felicia Riley 815-936-7327

Laura Onwiler  815-936-7399 

Building Inspector  
Phillip Leppert  815-936-7393 

Joshua McElroy  815-936-7395

Plumbing Inspector 
Rober Houde   815-954-9269 

Electrical Inspector 
Scheduling   815-937-2940x2 

Property Maintenance Secretary 
Sherry Dickens  815-936-7394 

Property Maintenance Inspectors 
1st Ward
Kenyatta Hill  815-936-8210

2nd Ward
Susana Ayala  815-936-7324

3rd Ward
Carolyn Mitchell  815-936-7392

4th Ward
Susana Ayala  815-936-7324

5th Ward
Carolyn Mitchell  815-936-7392

6th Ward
Ricardo Marin  815-936-7391

7th Ward
Tanisha Driver  815-936-7316

Trash Removal 
Allied Waste  815-472-3332 

Brush Removal/Road Kill  
Department of Public Works 815-933-0472