Pete Schiel, Assistant Superintendent 

Mailing Address:  850 N. Hobbie Ave., Kankakee, IL  60901, phone:  815 933-0446.

Alan Toronjo, Industrial Services Coordinator, Manager of Laboratory Services
Mailing Address:  1600 W. Brookmont Ave., Kankakee, IL  60901, Phone:  815 936-1212, Email:

Dennis Doyle, Manager of Department of Public Works
Mailing Address:  401 W. Oak St., Kankakee, IL  60901, Phone:  815 928-7358, Email:

Zach Newton, Manager of Sewer Services
Phone:  815 933-0454, Email:

Clara Hall, Manager of Technical Services
Phone:  815 936-3600, Email:

Name: Pete Schiel

Start Date: August 1991

City of Kankakee Committees:

  • Electrical Commission
  • Radio Committee
  • LEED Project Team Member / Commisioning Agent
  • Riverwalk Committee
  • Kankakee Fabulous Fiber Committee

Other Committees:

  • WiFi Kankakee Committee, Developing partner
  • Local Emergency Planning Committee, Kankakee County ESDA
  • Broadband Deployment Council, State of Illinois, Governors Office
  • LEED’s Commissioning Group, Commissioning Authority Kankakee
  • GIS CommitteeKankakee County
  • Business Partnership Academey Mentor, Kankakee High School
  • Robotics Team Mentor, Kankakee High School / Kankakee Jr. High
  • Project Explore ESU Representative, Kankakee High School
  • Municipal Access Channel 4 Committee, Channel 4 system developer / Chair

Born and raised in this great community and a product of School District 111.  After my training as an Electrical Engineer I decided to come back to the community to help my parents, raise our children with my wonderful wife and give back / mentor the young people in this community I call home. 

 In August 1991 I was offered several positions elsewhere but chose to accept employment with the City of Kankakee as the Utility Engineer.  Over the years, with a lot of hard work and dedication, I have moved into an Assistant Superintendents position with the City of Kankakee’s Environmental Services Utility.  In January 1992 I started my adjunct professor career at KCC while still working with the City of Kankakee.  I have had the pleasure of teaching a majority of the courses in the Electronics / Industrial Electrical Technology / Renewable Energy and Web Development divisions at KCC.  It is very rewarding seeing the success of my children, KCC College students, coworkers and District 111 High School / Jr. High School students that I have been able to mentor and be a positive role model to over the last 25+ years.  I have always shared that striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.  My goal is to continue to plant the seeds of success in the young people of our community and if we all participate our harvest will be plentiful!


Educational Background: Kankakee Community College - Associates in Applied Science, Electronics Technology (May, 1987)


Southern Illinois University - Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering Technology (May, 1990)


San Fransisco Institute of Architecture – Master of Science Green Building, Green Building Development (50% complete)

This community has been very good to me and my family.  I truly believe that it is important to reciprocate every opportunity we have been given and share it with this great community that we consider HOME! My father, who passed in 1992, engrained in me this quote: “Treat others the way you want to be treated and it does not matter who they are or where they came from!!!!”  Be proud of your home and foundation; be proud of Kankakee!