Things You Should Know About Sewers

Report Stormwater Pollution

Storm Drain

Storm drains are the grates that you see along the curb: they carry stormwater runoff directly to our creeks.

How many storm drains are along your street? Do they have "do not dump" storm drain markers on them?


Stormwater drains directly to our creeks without being treated at a treatment facility.

What is the creek that is closest to you? Use online maps to locate it.

Wet Pond

Wet ponds collect stormwater for temporary storage and are used to improve water quality.

Checkout nearby ponds. Do they look natural or like they were designed to treat stormwater?

Pet Waste Station

Bacteria from pet waste is one of the top pollutants of our creeks.

Have you spotted areas that need more pet waste stations?

Construction & Sediment

Uncontrolled sediment is one of our most common pollutants.

Is the construction site taking measures to keep sediment from entering nearby storm drains?


A culvert allows stormwater to drain under roads from one side to the other.

For your safety do not enter a culvert. How many culverts can you find near your location?


Look for signs of stormwater pollution such as oil near a storm drain or sediment coming from a construction site.

How could this pollution have been prevented?

Roof Downspout

Downspouts are often directed onto a paved surface, such as a driveway, which sends water directly into the street when it rains.

Does the downspout you see point directly to an impervious surface?

Stormwater Outfall

A stormwater outfall is where a storm drain pipe discharges stormwater runoff to the nearest creek.

What kind of items may be coming out of the stormwater outfall nearest to you?

Sanitary Sewer Manhole

The sanitary sewer system is separate from the storm drainage system. If carries sewage from sinks, toilets, and showers to a wastewater treatment plant. The sewage is treated and released into creeks, lakes, and rivers.

How many manholes are along your street?

Interesting Find

Stormwater management comes in many forms. Can you find a less common item related to stormwater?

Here are a few examples: Green roof, rain barrel, rain garden. Do a quick web search to see what they look like.

Aquatic Life

Stormwater drains directly to our creeks and if polluted can potentially harm aquatic life.

What kinds of critters do you think live in our creeks?