Minimum Occupational Requirements

  • Good Moral Character
  • High School Graduate
  • No Felony Convictions
  • Ability to Pass Physical Agility Test (CPAT) and ladder climb
  • Ability to Pass written Exam
  • Ability to Pass Drug Screening
  • Licensed Paramedic Through the IDPH at the Time of Hire
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident

Desirable But Not Required

  • Advanced College Degree in Fire Science or EMS
  • Experience in firefighting and/or EMS

Hiring Process

  • Background Check ---- Criminal, Credit & Employment
  • Sit down meeting with the Fire Chief.
  • Must pass a Psychological Test
  • Must pass a Pre-Employment Physical.

It is a fire department's job to maintain a state of readiness, and to be effective and efficient when called. In order to achieve the above goals, consistent training is required. 

The Kankakee Fire Department uses a wide variety of methods and resources to train its personnel. Among these methods include in-service classroom training, practical skill evolutions or company drills, internet based fire & EMS training, along with written and oral exams, and independent study programs. Several resources are utilized throughout the year including The Training Division of the Kankakee Fire Department, Kankakee Community College, University of Illinois Fire Service Institute, State Fire Marshal's Office, Consumer Illinois Water Company, Metro Wastewater Utility, St. Mary's Hospital, Riverside Medical Center, Code Enforcement and a host of other resources. 

By fulfilling these training procedures and all the requirements necessary through testing, both mentally and physically, and through favorable evaluations from the Shift Commander and the Chief, a firefighter can continue through the ranks to that of Class I Firefighter. The time period between the classes for purpose of advancement is a minimum of six (6) months upon the recommendation of the Fire Chief. This process is normally concluded during the first three years of employment. Additionally, newly hired personnel, who do not possess their Advance Tech FF certification, must complete this by the end of their three year mark. 

First Class firefighters will continue in-service training, special schools and seminars. Also it is recommended that the firefighter enroll at the college level to take fire related courses and to further prepare for his/her occupation. 

In-service training for the year 2019 totaled approx. 11,000 hours. This was training completed by all three shifts, the Fire Prevention Bureau, and the administrative staff of the department. 

The Kankakee Fire Department is proud of the high degree of trained and dedicated personnel they are providing to the City of Kankakee.