FF/Paramedic Voss

Name: Chris Voss

Years on the Department: 17 Years

Position within the Department: Firefighter First Class and Paramedic

Responsibilites with the Department: Fire suppression and emergency response. I am an apparatus operator of all apparatus and also work in an out-of-rank capacity.

Most memorable moment: "Several years ago I was with another FF on the second floor of a house fire. We had moderate heat and very heavy smoke conditions. We were having difficulty locating the fire. We started to run low on air and exited the building to get new air cylinders. Another crew replaced us on the second floor. We exchanged cylinders and headed back in the house. Fire abruptly blew out of all the upstairs windows. We started to race up the stairs to help on the second floor. The crew was rolling down the staircase as we went in. Fortunately all of them were alright. We regrouped and extinguished the rest of the fire. This incident always reminds me how quickly things can go wrong." 

A comment from FF Voss: "My brother is a Patrolman for the Police Department. We both started at different times. Coincidentlly his badge number and my helmet number are the same."