Diversity and Inclusion Series


Illinois RISE Act Presentation with Guest Speaker Patricia Santoyo-Marin, M.A.

As an introduction to the Diversity and Inclusion Series, Mayor Wells-Armstrong hosted a presentation featuring guest speaker Patricia Santoyo-Marin on the Illinois (RISE) Retaining Illinois Students and Equity Act. The RISE (Retaining Illinois Students and Equity) Act was signed into law on June 21, 2019 at the University of Illinois Chicago to allow eligible undocumented students and transgender students who are disqualified from federal financial aid to apply.

Mayor Wells-Armstrong Presents Part Two of Diversity and Inclusion Series: Presentation of City Services

Since Mayor Wells-Armstrong took office, the City of Kankakee has revamped its website including a feature that translates to Spanish and more than 60 languages. During January 2019, Mayor Wells-Armstrong launched a monthly newsletter that is accessible in English and Spanish. Also, the City of Kankakee posts to social media in Spanish. “The City of Kankakee is a diverse community and I am committed to making sure City services are accessible to all residents. Over the past several years, the administration has taken a number of steps to be inclusive of our Latinx population. It is important the needs of all residents are being met,” said Mayor Wells-Armstrong.


Mayor Wells-Armstrong's Hispanic Heritage Celebration