Women's March - January 20, 2018


Women's March - January 20, 2018


January 31, 2018

Mayor Chasity Wells-Armstrong, CONNECT Members, Alderman Carl Brown, Alderwoman Carmen Lewis, Community Activists:  Travis Miller and Marc Wakat, several speakers  - there were approximately 200 men, women, and children at the event.

Addressed the dehumanization of women in the workplace, social settings, and political arena.  A call to action was made to unite as a community to stand for women's rights which are human rights.  In addition, several messages were shared to uphold dignity of all people including women, immigrants, children,  the poor and so on.

The march took place at the Kankakee County Courthouse.  Mayor Chasity Wells-Armstrong kicked off the rally with a speech followed by a diverse group of speakers who shared personal stories of women who have overcome adversity.  The event concluded with the group marching around the block.



Photo Credit:  Keith Armstrong