Kankakee Police Promotes Hunter to Sergeant


Kankakee Police Promotes Hunter to Sergeant


February 16, 2018

Detective Steven B. Hunter, a 19-year veteran of the Kankakee Police Department, has been promoted to Sergeant. Acting Police Chief Price Dumas announced the promotion this morning, effective immediately.

Hunter, a certified crime scene investigator, had been a Detective since May 2007. Prior to coming to Kankakee, he served as an officer in Cook County.  In his new position Hunter will be assigned to the Patrol Division as a front line supervisor of five to ten patrol officers on the midnight shift.

“Sgt. Hunter has proven himself over the last 19 years to be committed to the city and to the community. This promotion is a great way of getting him more involved with the younger officers and the residents, and using his wealth of knowledge out on the streets,” said Chief Dumas.

A native of Chicago, Hunter has been on the Sergeant list for six years. He said he will miss the connections with individuals he served in the community, as well as his work with other departments and the State’s Attorney’s Office. He found his work as an investigator to be extremely fulfilling but is looking forward to his new role.

“Believing in our country, believing in our constitution, believing in our community, makes you a good person, not just a good cop. This is both a happy and sad day for me. I am grateful for my promotion but my heart goes out to the Chicago Police Department and the family of Cmdr. Paul Bauer, whose services are being held today."


Photo: Left to right: Kankakee Mayor Chasity Wells-Armstrong, Sgt. Steven Hunter, Chief Price Dumas, Police & Fire Commissioner Nickey F. Yates, Jr.