The City of Kankakee Receives $3,600,000 Award from HUD FY18 Lead Based Paint Hazard Reduction Grant Program


December 14, 2018

The City of Kankakee will be awarded $3,000,000 in Lead Based Paint Hazard Reduction grant program funding and $600,000 in Healthy Homes Supplemental funding.  Thanks to HUD’s support, the City of Kankakee will address lead hazards in 170 housing units and provide safer homes for low-income families with children. The City will also perform healthy homes assessments and will be working with agency partners including the Kankakee County Health Department (KCHD), Kankakee County Housing Authority (KCHA), Kankakee Code Enforcement Department, and Kankakee County Community Services, Inc. (KCCSI).


Mayor Wells-Armstrong thanked public officials for their support. “Our legislative leaders and HUD management, by supporting Kankakee’s grant application, demonstrate their commitment to our goal of safe, healthy neighborhoods for children and families. These funds help us continue our work to address unsafe conditions and make Kankakee an even better place to live.”


Kankakee City Engineer Neil Piggush, noted the program’s importance: “the City of Kankakee is grateful to HUD and its partners for this grant award. It will allow the City to continue its important Community Development Agency (CDA) housing initiatives, abating Lead Based Paint Hazards as well as other home hazards.”  The grant is part of the City’s ongoing initiatives to address quality of life issues and encourages continued neighborhood development.  Mayor Wells-Armstrong stated, “in a time when municipalities are challenged with limited resources, this grant will provide financial resources the City needs to maintain a solvent CDA.  This grant allows the City to continue to improve the quality of its existing housing stock and maximizes partnerships with local contractors to eliminate lead based paint hazards and educate the public on these unsafe conditions.”  The grant has been awarded for 42 months.


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