City of Kankakee Responds to Inclement Weather


January 29, 2019

Press Contact:

Chasity Wells-Armstrong

Office of the Mayor

Phone:  815.933.0500



The City of Kankakee Responds to Inclement Weather

During this week of snowfall and extreme temperatures, city officials have been closely monitoring the weather for public safety. 

Although the dam has been deflated since last week, recent weather reports indicate that temperatures will rise as high as 50 degrees this weekend with anticipated rain.  The combination of elevated temperatures with melting ice and rain could produce a rise in water levels.    

As part of the coordinated mitigation plan, the County is preparing sand bags in the case flooding occurs.  Road closures will be discretionary and the emergency management team will continue to track weather conditions. 

Regarding the extreme cold, warming centers continue to be available through Thursday at the Kankakee Valley Park District Recreation Center from 8:30am – 4:30pm.  The Civic Auditorium is open through Thursday from 7am – 4pm.  Metro buses continue to serve as warming centers and Fortitude Community Outreach is providing warm meals and overnight shelter. 

The City of Kankakee Police and Kankakee County Sheriff’s departments will be observing the community for stranded vehicles and making sure residents have access to warming centers and/or shelter locations. 

For more information, contact Mayor Wells-Armstrong’s office at (815) 933-0500.  Visit us at