Hobbie Avenue Project Moves Forward in the City of Kankakee


Hobbie Avenue Project Moves Forward in the City of Kankakee


March 28, 2019

During the Kankakee Area Transportation Study Metropolitan Planning Organization, (KATS MPO) meeting held on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 Mayor Chasity Wells-Armstrong stood before her colleagues to advocate for funding that will support phase I and II engineering for Hobbie Avenue.  The Mayor requested the board to reconsider last month’s decision to remove Hobbie Avenue as the top priority project.

“As I stated, I am here to work with everyone and I understand that when one municipality does well, we all do well.  However, the City of Kankakee is the county seat and our residents have been waiting for more than 10 years to see improvements on Hobbie Avenue which is a main corridor to the eastern side of the county.  Furthermore, every time there is heavy rain, Hobbie Avenue floods. I am asking the board to reconsider last month’s vote and not pull funding from the City of Kankakee’s project for a visionary project that is not in the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP),” said Mayor Wells-Armstrong. 

Alderman Carl Brown who has served on the city council since 2001 expressed his concerns during public comments about the project being de-prioritized after being on the list for so many years.  “The east side of Kankakee has been in need of infrastructure improvements for many years.  I am asking that you do not move this project,” said Alderman Brown.

The board came to a consensus to allow the Hobbie Avenue project to move forward.  The program construction date will be evaluated at a later time.  “This is a good example of everyone working together,” said Kankakee County Board Chairman, Andy Wheeler. 

The City of Kankakee already approved the consultant, Christopher B. Burke Engineering, for phase I and II engineering.  The engineering agreement is awaiting IDOT approval in Springfield.  The City anticipates up to 24 months for completion of both phases.  

For more information, contact Mayor Wells-Armstrong’s office at (815) 933-0500.  Visit us at citykankakee-il.gov.


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