I-57 at IL-17 Interchange


March 29, 2019

I-57 at IL-17 InterchangeProposed improvements are anticipated to involve roadway reconstruction on I-57 and IL 17 (Court Street) with drainage, intersection and safety improvements as needed. Alignment changes are proposed along I-57 and will
require replacement of the bridges carrying Waldron Road and the KB&S Railroad over I- 57. Permanent and temporary closure or relocation of some local streets and entrances will be necessary. Acquisition of additional right of way will be required. An analysis of potential highway traffic noise impacts will be performed during the study in accordance with Department policy.

The department's goal is to present the findings of the Phase I project study at a public hearing and to finalize the study in 2016.  Phase II (Design) engineering is currently funded in the Fiscal Year (FY) 2016-2021 Proposed Highway Improvement Program and would begin after approval of the Phase I project study, subject to funding availability.

Land Acquisition and Construction are unfunded in the FY 2016-2021 Proposed Highway Improvement Program.