Kankakee Riverfront Master Plan


March 29, 2019

Dear Community Leaders,

For decades after Kankakee was founded in 1854, the Kankakee River was central to the city’s prosperity, rich culture, and successful image. Today, after decades of economic challenges, the city is, once again, poised to connect with, and leverage its spectacular river asset to accomplish the community’s heartfelt goal to: Create and sustain an extraordinary riverfront that is the catalyst for Kankakee’s renaissance as a premiere Illinois riverfront community.

In 2017, city leaders engaged our planning, design and engineering team to consider riverfront improvement opportunities, create a compelling long-term riverfront vision, and complete a multi-dimensional strategy that includes a series of incremental implementation actions. This Kankakee Riverfront Master Plan summarizes our findings and recommendations.

Master Plan Report (152 MB)