Kankakee Fire Department Wraps Up Visits to Local Schools to Teach Students About Fire Safety


Kankakee Fire Department Wraps Up Visits to Local Schools to Teach Students About Fire Safety


October 23, 2019

Kankakee, IL – While the Kankakee Fire Department is close to wrapping up their visits to local schools during fire prevention month, there is still time for students to win a pizza party for their classroom.

"We are excited to bring fire safety information to the local schools again this year. This is a big program for us and is a portion of our annual public education programs we have completed for many years,” said Fire Chief Damon Schuldt.

The program focuses on Kankakee students in grades kindergarten through third, including public and private schools. Fire fighters explain to students the importance of having an evacuation plan and practicing it in the case of a fire breaking out, which could mean having less than two minutes to get out safely.

“Our fire department is one of the best in the state and they do a great job of working with the schools to teach fire safety. The students enjoy learning in an environment that is fun while allowing them to incorporate the skills they have been taught to create their own home safety plans,” said Mayor Wells-Armstrong.

The home fire escape plan that students take home to fill out with their families includes the following criteria:

  1. Draw a map of the home. Include all doors and windows.
  2. Find two ways out of every room.
  3. Make sure doors and windows are not blocked.
  4. Choose a meeting place outside of the home.
  5. Push the test button to sound the smoke alarm.
  6. Practice the fire safety drill with everyone in the home
  7. Go outside to the designated meeting place

Once the students complete their home fire escape plan, the parents or guardians must sign the form and the students are encouraged to bring it back to school. The class that has 100% participation will win a pizza party from the Kankakee Fire Department and community partners. The deadline to turn in the escape plan is November 18, 2019. The Kankakee Fire Department is also available to assist families with planning a fire drill at home. If needed, please contact the department at 815-933-0450.

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