City of Kankakee Maps Out Steps to Address Gun Violence


City of Kankakee Maps Out Steps to Address Gun Violence


November 05, 2019

Kankakee, IL – The City of Kankakee is actively seeking solutions to address recent gun violence in the community. The Kankakee Police Department has been working with State’s Attorney Jim Rowe in ongoing investigations regarding shootings that have sparked the most concern from residents surrounding Kankakee public schools.

Kankakee police with the assistance of the U.S. Marshall service has an arrest warrant and are currently searching for the suspect who fired shots on the 400 block of South Lincoln. An arrest warrant for two counts of aggravated discharge of a firearm has been issued for the alleged shooter, 26-year-old Thomas A. Rebmann Jr., with a last known address in Chebanse. The bail is set at $250,000. Anyone with information is urged to contact the police department at 815-933-0401.

“We are aware of the concerns of the community in reference to the recent shootings. I and other officers regularly attend neighborhood meetings where these issues are discussed. We will continue to increase our information sharing with the community so that they are aware of the problems and what is being done to address them. Investigating and arresting the offenders of the recent shootings that have occurred and preventing future shootings are the highest priority for the police department,” said Chief Frank Kosman.

The City of Kankakee will move forward by:

  • Increasing police patrols near the schools and surrounding neighborhoods, specifically during school hours
  • Working with the State’s Attorney’s office and probation on increasing the use of electronic monitoring devices for offenders
  • Proactively using the Nuisance Abatement Ordinance to address residences with qualifying criminal activity in an effort to remove those contributing to the violence in the community
  • Continuing to partner with the State’s Attorney’s office and the Kankakee School District to secure resources
  • Contacting the judges to address juveniles being released on home detention without any monitoring
  • Establishing strong neighborhood houses and police substations in wards with the most gun violence

Forty letters have been issued to property owners to inform them of the Nuisance Abatement Ordinance and setting up meetings to address the ongoing issues that play a key role in keeping neighborhoods safe.

“I have attended several community meetings with residents, school district personnel, and community stakeholders regarding gun violence in our community.  I am actively involved in working with the State’s Attorney, Kankakee School District and our community to work toward solutions.  I applaud the efforts of our State’s Attorney and Kankakee School District on securing their most recent grant to address school safety.  I will continue to pursue holistic solutions to the complex issue of gun violence,” said Mayor Wells-Armstrong. 

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The City of Kankakee is dedicated to protecting, building and nurturing the community while enhancing lives. We are a historic, vibrant, and active riverfront community. We continue to transform into an extraordinary place to dream, grow, and thrive. Embracing our diversity, we strive to be progressive, inclusive, and innovative. For more information on the City of Kankakee, please visit the website at


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