State Senator Patrick Joyce Meets with Mayor Wells-Armstrong


State Senator Patrick Joyce Meets with Mayor Wells-Armstrong


December 05, 2019

Kankakee, IL – State Senator Patrick Joyce met with Mayor Chasity Wells-Armstrong Tuesday as an introductory meeting.

“Being able to sit down with the mayor brought me up to date with the projects she’s been working on the past couple of years, getting me up to speed with what she’s passionate about and I look forward to working with her and the city of Kankakee,” said State Senator Patrick Joyce.

Both share similar interests in improving the environment. One of the topics Senator Joyce discussed was concerns about removing silt in the Illinois portions of Kankakee River that flow in from Indiana.  

“Meeting with Senator Joyce was helpful.  His agricultural background and experience working with environmental issues will serve our region well as the City seeks to develop the Kankakee River through the Riverfront Master Plan that was adopted by the city council during July 2018,” said Mayor Wells-Armstrong. 

In addition to discussing plans for the Kankakee River, Mayor Wells-Armstrong informed Senator Joyce of the City’s infrastructure projects including Exit 312, Brookmont Boulevard and Hobbie Avenue. 

“I believe Senator Joyce gained a greater understanding of the Kankakee Forward agenda to improve economic conditions for the City.  He assured me he would be a strong advocate for the City of Kankakee and I look forward to collaborating with him,” said Mayor Wells-Armstrong.

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