New Business Boswell & Associates Hosts Music Night At The Majestic in Downtown Kankakee


New Business Boswell & Associates Hosts Music Night At The Majestic in Downtown Kankakee


January 31, 2020

Kankakee, IL – Boswell & Associates, a media, marketing and advertising company recently opened its doors in downtown Kankakee, however there is more they are hoping to bring to the City. “Music Night At The Majestic,” produced by Starliner Media, a division of Boswell & Associates, is a two-hour weekly syndicated radio program.

Business Owner Michael Boswell, whose agency is located in the Burfield + Remington at 150 N. Schuyler, Suite LL07 is the host of “Music Night at the Majestic.” Boswell was the original Music Director for Milner Media's WIVR “River Country” and served as an on-air personality prior to that on WVLI, “The Valley.” He previously owned a radio syndication company that had 110 affiliates across the US and Canada.


Each episode of “Music Night at the Majestic” features two to three guests who bring their favorite albums, playlists or songs. In addition to playing the music, the guests discuss why those songs are important to them. The panel will then join the discussion.


The program opens with a thematic segment, chosen at random by an audience member. Audience members also have a chance to become part of the show during the music trivia segment in the programs' second hour. Music Night also showcases the music and events of a single year. In addition, a celebrity guest joins the program via satellite to discuss the music that's important to them. “Whether you are in the audience or listening on the radio, ‘Music Night At The Majestic’ is two hours of fun, music and great conversation,” said Michael Boswell, Owner of Boswell & Associates.


Mayor Wells-Armstrong is scheduled to be a guest on the show.


“Music is the universal language of the human race. It brings people together. And like the City’s signature event of Merchant Street Music Fest, “Music Night at the Majestic” will provide another opportunity to bring our community together. I love music from a variety of genres. One of my favorite bands is Earth, Wind & Fire and I have been listening to the Broadway Musical, “Hamilton” almost daily for the last month. I am very excited that Michael is bringing ‘Music Night at the Majestic’ to Kankakee. This is another free event that provides an opportunity for community gathering and fun,” said Mayor Wells-Armstrong.


The show is free to attend and open to the public on Wednesday nights.


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