Kankakee Riverfront Society Announces New Leadership


August 21, 2020

The Kankakee Riverfront Society, a recently formed not-for-profit organization of riverfront advocates, announces that Staci Wilken has been elected as its new Chairperson. Scott Snavely served as Chairman prior to her election and recently resigned to pursue other opportunities.

In announcing the change at its August meeting, Kankakee Riverfront Society members recognized Snavely for his support of the Kankakee Riverfront Master Plan. Members also applauded Wilken’s election because of her demonstrated leadership skills, regional perspective, and high-energy advocacy of The Currents of Kankakee, the new riverfront district first described in the 2018 Kankakee Riverfront Master Plan. Since 2016, Wilken has been serving as the Executive Director of the Kankakee County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (KCCVB).

Accepting the new role, Chairperson Wilken expressed her heartfelt appreciation that Scott Snavely laid the tedious groundwork on which the Kankakee Riverfront Society can build. “Scott was an early supporter of the 2018 Kankakee Riverfront Masterplan and he did an outstanding job organizing an implementation team, which directly led to the formation of the Kankakee Riverfront Society.”

“Staci’s passion for this initiative, her experience in destination marketing and her established non-partisan work at the KCCVB are just what the organization needs at this crucial time,” said Mayor Chasity Wells-Armstrong, Kankakee Riverfront Society Vice Chair and riverfront visionary. Wells-Armstrong noted, “Scott worked diligently behind the scenes to advance the bright future of our riverfront. His service was particularly timely when work was initiated on the preliminary design phase of the East Riverwalk, which will be the first segment of The Currents of Kankakee.”

The Kankakee Riverfront Society is planning significant public outreach related to the East Riverwalk project and additional details are forthcoming.

The Kankakee Riverfront Society, Inc. (KRS) is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to the implementation of the 2018 Kankakee Riverfront Master Plan. KRS includes City of Kankakee and Kankakee Valley Park District officials and other community leaders whose mission is to make The Currents of Kankakee an extraordinary riverfront experience that will transform the region’s image, raise its marketplace appeal and enhance its quality of life.

The Currents of Kankakee brand for the Kankakee Riverfront was created and is owned by the Kankakee Riverfront Society.

For more information about The Currents of Kankakee, please contact Staci Wilken by email at staci@kccvb.com or by phone at 815.935.7390.

Chasity Wells-Armstrong, Mayor, City of Kankakee
Barbi Brewer-Watson, Kankakee ECDA
Rachel Schramm, Kankakee ECDA
Jasmyne Humble, City of Kankakee
Staci Wilken, Kankakee Riverfront Society
Tim King, Rick Hitchcock, Hitchcock Design Group

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