July 25, 2022

     There have been a couple of times since I have been the Director of ECDA where I have come across a resident who has been taken advantage of by a contractor.  These situations are always heartbreaking and add so much unnecessary stress to the property owner.  In these situations, we encourage the individual to work with the police for a resolution.  No matter what, the house still needs to be fixed and the owner is left wondering who they can trust again to do the work.

     Have you watched one of those DIY shows and thought I could do that? Or maybe you have turned to your partner and said, “we should remodel our kitchen!” as if everyone can do what they do and that your relationship will be just as cute.  But, that’s reality TV and not real life.  I’ve been told by many people that remodeling a home is one of the top stressors for families and couples.  In a Huffington Post article, author Kelsey Borreson included a 2019 survey that reported 12% of couples remodeling their home considered divorce during the process.  Now imagine having a contractor that is unreliable or inexperienced and that statistic is sure to increase.  Improving your home and quality of life shouldn’t be this stressful.  Before you get started, do your research on local qualified contractors, understand your financial boundaries, and most importantly - communicate everything.  Communication is key to managing expectations, holding contractors accountable, and coping with the stress and anxiety during the project. 

     As we have seen an uptick in home remodeling projects across the City of Kankakee -- which we are very excited and grateful for the investments being made -- we want to make sure you have the resources you need.  Click on the links below for info on hiring a contractor, understanding the costs, avoiding the 29 Healthy Homes Hazards, and how communication is key to a successful project. 


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