New Feature to Address Potholes on City’s Website


New Feature to Address Potholes on City’s Website


February 26, 2019

In response to the number of calls regarding potholes, the City of Kankakee has implemented a new feature on its website.

“During this time of year, residents frequently contact my office to express concerns about the potholes.  Often times, residents do not realize the City of Kankakee does not have jurisdiction over state routes such as Kennedy Drive.  In response to concerns and in an effort to bring awareness to the condition of the roads, the City team has implemented a new feature on the website.”

The new feature provides instructions for reporting a major pothole in the City of Kankakee at:  A color-coded map is provided and highlights the city streets versus the state of Illinois routes.  Directions for reporting major potholes to the City of Kankakee allow residents to access assistance through an email account and/or designated telephone number.  Additionally, there is a telephone number to the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), Region 3 to report major potholes on state of Illinois routes.

The administration is making the effort to be responsive to the concerns of the residents.   Furthermore, the City will be working with state legislators to advocate for resources to repair state routes in the City of Kankakee.

For more information, contact Mayor Wells-Armstrong’s office at (815) 933-0500.  Visit us at


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