Temporary Restrictions to Environmental Services Solid Waste Procedures


Temporary Restrictions to Environmental Services Solid Waste Procedures


April 07, 2020

Kankakee, IL – Below is an update from the Environmental Services Utility.

Social distancing requirements have seriously impacted our staff. We will continue to remove woody waste such as tree branches and limbs, but specifically no leaves. We can field at one time. This reduction in manpower will limit our abilities and require our work to be prioritized. Typically, the increased Spring demand is addressed by assigning additional crews, however, those crews are not available at this time. The limited crew we are able to field will:  

  • Continue to remove woody waste (tree branches and limbs, but no leaves). This work, normally performed by several crews, will be substantially reduced. Crews will make a continuous loop through the City of Kankakee and will pick up where your trash is set out. We will be unable to address individual requests. Wait times may be in excess of three to four weeks. It is important that piles for pick up are not contaminated with trash, grass or leaves as they cannot be picked up. 


  • Be unable to address bulk pick-ups. Residents will need to secure a dumpster or wait until the crisis has passed. 


  • Be unable to remove landscape waste. This will resume when Republic Services is able to lift their restrictions. 


We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to getting things back to normal. Your cooperation in these difficult times is appreciated.

Last week, the City of Kankakee issued a notice following Republic Services announcing their new guidelines due to coronavirus (COVID-19). For more information on recycling and waste services, view here: https://citykankakee-il.gov/post_custom.php?s=2020-04-03-important-notice-effective-april-6-2020-recycling-and-waste-services.

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Download the Press Release - Temporary Restrictions to Environmental Services Solid Waste Procedures