Press Releases

New Feature to Address Potholes on City’s Website
26 February 2019 | Press Release

In response to the number of calls regarding potholes, the City of Kankakee has implemented a new feature on its website.


City Officials Continue to Monitor the River
06 February 2019 | Press Release

With the warming temperatures and additional rainfall, officials are actively monitoring the elevated water levels within the City of Kankakee along the Kankakee River. 


The City of Kankakee Receives Notification of OSLAD Grant Award
05 February 2019 | Press Release

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) announced grant awards this week for the State’s FY 2019 Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development (OSLAD).  The City of Kankakee submitted a project for land acquisition to support the implementation of the Riverfront Master Plan which was adopted by the city council during July 2018.


Attention City Residents
29 January 2019 | Press Release

Allied Waste will not be picking up garbage in Kankakee on Wednesday due to the forecasted weather of sub-zero highs for the day.


City of Kankakee Responds to Inclement Weather
29 January 2019 | Press Release

During this week of snowfall and extreme temperatures, city officials have been closely monitoring the weather for public safety.


The City of Kankakee Moves to the Next Phase of the OSLAD Grant Process for Development of the Riverwalk
21 January 2019 | Press Release

The City of Kankakee will present their proposal for OSLAD funding to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) Natural Resources Advisory Board subcommittee on January 22, 2019. The City’s plan is among the proposals that have made it thus far in the department’s review process.


Mayor Secures Technical Assistance for Residents Seeking Work in the Gig Economy
21 December 2018 | Press Release

The City of Kankakee, IL has been chosen as one of three cities nationally, to benefit from the partnership of the National League of Cities (NLC) and Samaschool, a non-profit focused on preparing low-income populations to succeed as independent workers through digital skills training and a connection to internet based jobs that pay a living wage.


Mayor and City Council Deliver Property Tax Relief for Residents and Business Owners
17 December 2018 | Press Release

In tonight’s meeting, the Kankakee City Council addressed several ordinances pertaining to the city’s existing sales tax levy.  Mayor Wells-Armstrong had previously assured residents she would address the property tax burden for Kankakee residents and business owners.


The City of Kankakee Receives $3,600,000 Award from HUD FY18 Lead Based Paint Hazard Reduction Grant Program
14 December 2018 | Press Release

The City of Kankakee will be awarded $3,000,000 in Lead Based Paint Hazard Reduction grant program funding and $600,000 in Healthy Homes Supplemental funding.  Thanks to HUD’s support, the City of Kankakee will address lead hazards in 170 housing units and provide safer homes for low-income families with children.


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